Because of the Covid-19 situation we did not holding any fund-raising events in 2020, so in order to raise money we are encouraging donations through our PayPal account. And since we cannot award your contributions with an event, we have come up with some great items in return for your generosity.

If you donate a minimum of $75 dollars, we will send you a GGSF adjustable baseball hat. If you donate a minimum of $150, we will send you one of our GGSF tote bags. And, if you donate a minimum $200, we will send a tote bag and a hat!

To contribute to our foundation, please click on the "Donate" button below and it will link you to our PayPal account page. Once there you can enter any amount you want to give to our cause. If you want to donate via check or any other method, please fill out the "Contact Us" section at the bottom of the page and we will reach out to you as soon as we can. Thanks for your support!!!

Please note that the Gina Guthrie Scholarship Fund has tax exempt status from the IRS and is a 501(c)(3), so all donations made are fully tax exempt.

Gina & Her Daughter, Mia

If you are interested in donating or helping the fund reach its goals, please reach out to us and we will respond as soon as possible. Or, if you are a student and wish to know more about our scholarship availability and requirements, please send us an e-mail and we will fill you in on the process for applicants. Thanks!

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