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The Gina Guthrie Scholarship Fund is currently not taking applications. We recently awarded our fall 2023 award for members of the Beta Pi Chapter of the Kappa Delta sorority at the University of Florida. Freya Garcia was our recipient, and the criteria for her winning essay is below.

To determine the recipient of the award, we held an essay contest that consisted of three parts. First, the applicant had to show financial need. Second, they had to write about something in life that they had to overcome. Like all of us, Gina’s life was filled with obstacles that she was able to overcome on her way to becoming a wonderful mother, educator, world traveler, caterer, and a pillar of her community. We wanted to know about some adversity that occurred in the applicant's life and how they were able to overcome it. Third, we wanted to know what their goals are: they could be academic goals, goals for college, career goals, or life goals. There was no minimum or maximum on words, so the applicants were free to write whatever they wanted to cover all three topics. 


Once again, we would like to thank all of the amazing young women at Kappa Delta who applied for the scholarship. It was great getting to hear all of their stories and learn about the hardships they have had to overcome. If you are interested in reading Freya's winning essay, go to our "Recipients" page where you can read it and get to know her.

Please check back in the spring when we will be taking applications for our Cabarrus County high school graduate scholarship.

The KD Ladies

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