The Gina Guthrie Scholarship Fund is currently taking applications for our Fall 2022 award solely for Kappa Deltas at the University of Florida. 

The requirements are as follows:

All applicants have to be members in good standing of the Kappa Delta sorority at the University of Florida and will have to submit an essay composed of the three parts. The first part is a short summary of why the applicant needs the scholarship - ie they have to show some form of financial need. We do not need your full financials, just a short explanation of your financial situation and how the scholarship will help you. The second part will be an essay on a place that the applicant would like to travel to and why. It could be a dream trip, a place you’d like to take your family, someplace from your past you want to revisit, or somewhere you want to go to study and learn more about a different culture. The last part of the application will be another essay on your favorite meal you ever ate and why. Travel and food were two of the things Gina was most passionate about and we decided to use them as the main criteria to select our winner. We are looking for creativity, originality, inspiration, and passion in your writing. There are no length requirements for the essay sections; they can each be a paragraph, a single page, or multiple pages. The board will take all of the applications submitted, choose a recipient, and award the money after that. We are currently accepting applications and will stop on October 20th. The recipient's name and essay will be posted on the website on November 1st and awarded a $2,500 scholarship from the Gina Guthrie Scholarship Fund! Thanks, and good luck!!!

The KD Ladies

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